$300 Raised In 2 Hours To Help Help Hurricane Harvey Victims And To Help Potential Problems Hurricane Irma May Cause

LCFH will be headed to Target this Sat to purchase hurricane relief items to drop off at Jhvanna’s Salon in Ashburn Monday 9/11. Jhvanna’s salon has a truck headed out to Texas 9/13! There is still time to add to our donation total! If you have not donated to Hurricane Harvey relief or Hurricane Irma […]

LCFH May Round Up

  What is something that all moms (of young children) have in common? They have at least one more mouth to feed, which means more food that needs to be bought, more money to be spent and less time and effort to coupon!     In the time before kids, if you decide you want to save money […]

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Hello everyone! My name is Gina, I am 29 years old and I am married to my husband Chris. We currently live in Northern Virginia but we were born and raised in Southern California. We have two children Scarlett (2 years old) and Sawyer (5 months) we also have two fur children, our black lab Charlie and our rescue mutt Porter.

I have been around couponing most of my life, but I started to really get into couponing about 4 years ago. Now I can say coupons make my world go round! I share with you guys deals, ways to save money, but I also share makeup reviews and outfit ideas. Next to couponing, makeup and fashion are other loves of mine.