A Message From Loudoun Coupons For Hope:

My love for couponing originated from being raised using them with my mom. I would go to the grocery store with my mom and my job was to retrieve various items my mom asked me to. Often times I would come back with more than I was asked to bring back and my mom would deny any items we did not have a coupon for. As a young child I would often fight her on this but as time went on and I became an adult and managing a household myself I see the importance of using coupons in my life.  

3 years ago my interest in the coupon world increased when I started watching couponers on YouTube. I decided I could do the same and my YouTube channel has been active for the last 2 years. Comments come in daily from people across the county letting me know my coupon videos have helped lower their grocery costs and my videos have changed their lives in a positive way. 

I’ve known for awhile I wanted to continue to grow my love for couponing and continue to spread awareness and the skill of it and help support local shelter by donating personal care items. My hope for Louden Coupons For Hope is to help aid and assist families and young adults in need. 

At Louden Coupons For Hope, we are excited to continue to aid famillies throughout or community in need! Please help sponsor our growing organization by making a tax deductible donation through our website and click the pay pal button. We thank you in advance for your love and support!