What Loudoun Coupons For Hope Has Been Up To In April!

Loudoun Coupon’s for Hope main goal is to bless families by helping financially, but we also are happy when we can give an even greater gift- the gift of time! Every person doing the busy work of being a parent knows the challenge it is to keep the kids happy, the house under control, and also pay the bills. Plus, in 2016, there were over 7,000 people who worked more than one job, which doesn’t leave much time for leisure, much less time to do something special and extra, like filling Easter eggs.
So, for Easter, in addition to helping financially by giving a dozen local families supplies to give their kids a great Easter morning, we even worked hard, filling the eggs for them. Each family that came could rest easy knowing that their budget wasn’t negatively impacted by the holiday, plus, could literally rest- instead of spending their nights filling eggs without the kids seeing, keeping the magic alive.
While the egg filling gift of time only comes once a year, this gift of time also comes on our regularly scheduled shopping trips. So many people think, “I would love to save money like those Extreme Couponers, I just don’t have time!” And it’s true, it does take time to comb the ads, pay attention to the sales cycles, and carefully analyze how to utilize the coupons before they expire. But thanks to our unique charity, when you shop with Gina and LCFH, you may have to spend your money (like you would otherwise), but we provide the guide to the deals AND the coupons you need to utilize them! It is all done out of a heart to help in every way we can, saving time and money for families in the Loudoun, Virginia area. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page to see when the next shopping trip is scheduled, and come along with us!
While most of our events are local to Loudoun, and focus on average families in the area, just trying to stretch a budget, April had our charity on a special trip to Washington D.C. on Good Friday.
Gina had heard that holiday weekends are especially hard on the homeless in cities, deprived of the office workers who usually get them through the day, and was inspired to organize the Feed D.C. Event. Held in honor of the late John Rambo, our team started with over a month of collecting breakfast items and teaming with the community to assemble backpacks to distribute to homeless in the city. Boost Mobile was generous enough to give the backpacks, preloaded with socks, toothbrushes and clothing, and Starbucks donated boxed snacks, as well. Target gave LCFH a giftcard towards more snacks, and we used community donations plus the amazing power of coupons to purchase additional snacks, water, and other supplies which we added to the boost mobile donations. Plus, the local church hard boiled dozens of eggs to give out that morning as an easy, high protein breakfast item.
Early on Good Friday, Gina, Christina and her team headed to Franklin Square Park, known for its large homeless population, in the heart of the city. Before they even arrived in D.C., they were able to give some backpacks to homeless spotted along the drive. Once at the park, they started by just giving backpacks to those they saw were clearly in need. But before long, word got out about these women giving away backpacks, and people started coming to them. Thanks to all the help of our many supporters, our supplies held out, and no one was turned away from getting blessed that Friday, and we even have a few left over for our next event in D.C. (date to be determined, sometime this summer). Gina estimates that about 30 people were given backpacks that morning. Small, perhaps, in the percentage of homeless throughout the country, but huge to every one of those people who likely starts most mornings hungry, and never quite gets enough, to have a least a few days of plenty.
One man even told Christina that the backpack came at a good time, and other man was honest with what he could actually use, and gave back the snacks he knew he couldn’t. Gina suspects that he may have needed only soft foods from teeth issues, and the team gave him extra eggs to make up for what he gave back. But what struck Gina most that morning was a conversation with one of the women they talked with that day. She clearly was down on hard times, barefoot, with dirty clothes, but when she saw one of Gina’s team member’s baby, she just wanted to chat, say hi to the baby, ask about the infant’s age, and generally interact with them the same way you might do with someone at a coffee shop. These people, living on the streets, are not for the most part scary, crazy, strange people to try to avoid eye contact with when you see them. They are people, just like you, but their life hasn’t gone the way they planned. It is good to remember, especially as a charity designed to help people who need a boost, that every person, whether wealthy or poor, deserves the same respect as a member of the human race.
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make this event a reality and make a difference in the lives of those people in Washington D.C..

Coming up:

May 6th we will be at the It Takes a Village Baby Resource Fair, giving away personal care bags with shampoo, deodorant and bodywash to those who attend.

May 9th is our next Harris Teeter shopping day, as again they are doubling coupons. Contact Gina or Christina if you want to join and benefit from our research and coupons on a day they are able to stretch even farther.

May 12th is a special Mother’s day event, blessing some local moms with make-up, clothes, Starbucks mugs and even a fun hair styling.

In June we will be starting a series of events to bless our community service members, like fire-fighters, and sheriffs, and also a local senior center.

The biggest way that you can help with all of our events, especially if you aren’t local, is to donate financially. Shipping things across the country can get expensive, and honestly, a small financial donation can sometimes go farther than a large box of items once you take away how much it cost to get it there. But it is your donations that keep our charity going, and you can share in the knowledge that you are changing lives in the community, one dollar at a time.

All donations can be sent via paypal to gina@customwave.net or mailed to 44190 Waxpool Rd Ste 182 PMB 128 Ashburn, VA 201417

Thank you to all of our current donors, and we hope you will continue to support the work we do. We couldn’t do it without you!

Newsletter written by Lisa Olsen

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